Friday, September 16, 2005

What I Like about Life

So Wednesday, I'm watching NBC Nightly News with the sharply dressed Brian Williams and they ran the following stories.

-Recovery of bodies in New Orleans
-150 Killed by a Suicide Bomber in Iraq
-Bush's approval rating at an all-time low
-Roberts frustrates Senate Democrats with refusal to make policy statements
-Northwest Airlines and Delta declare bankruptcy

The newscast ended with a heartwarming story about a New Orleans couple who relocated after Hurricane the outer banks of North Carolina where the next hurricane (Ophelia) was set to hit.

Add to this that the Red Sox are only 1 1/2 games up, the Broncos lost to the Dolphins, looking worse than any team in the NFL, and gas jumping to 3 dollars a gallon, conveniently right after I take a job an hour drive away from my house and it is clear that this is the most depressing time since 9/11.

But somehow I wake up every morning. I manage to crack a smile most of the day and laugh hard and often. Why? Because even in these times, there is a lot to like about life. What do I like about life? Glad you asked:

I like my 50 inch Plasma HDTV. it lets me watch a football game like I was looking at it through a brand new window.

I like that I have a close, loving, and supportive family to count on whenever tough times overwhelm me.

I like that when I go to a night club, there's a 50/50 chance I'm going to see two girls making out for the sole purpose of my entertainment.

I like OnDemand Cable. It lets me watch a whole season of 'Entourage' whenever I want to, if I can't or don't want to watch it on Sunday.

I like that after being out of college five years, I am as close to my friends from there as the day we left.

I like thongs.

I like that I can go to a bar and watch every single NFL football game at once.

I like that I have female friends, that assure me that even if I don't have girlfriends that I am liked by women.

I like low-rise jeans.

I like that hockey is coming back, so I can hear names like Zhamnov and Tkachuk and in-game fights without consequence of fines.

I like that I live in a country where freedom is the law and I am able to live my life by my own judgements with little interference by government.

I really like thongs.

But most of all...

I like that I am able to write random thoughts on a web page published for my friends and the world to see. And I like that you enjoy it so much.

See there is a lot to like in life. :o) -


At 8:45 AM , Blogger Paul said...

I love Derek. Only Derek would follow a line about loving his family with one about two girls making out in a club.


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