Wednesday, September 14, 2005

The Derek Lynch 28th Birthday Challenge

Drink this and don't die:

2 Foofy Drinks from my friend Beth(I don’t know what’s in these, Rum definitely, Pineapple Juice of course, Fruit Punch maybe besides that I’m lost)
2 Amstel Light Bottles
3 Bud Light Drafts
2 Shots “Three Wisemen” (1/3 Jack Daniel’s, 1/3 Jose Cuervo, 1/3 Johnnie Walker)
3 Shots Jagermeister
1 Jello Shot
1 Irish Carbomb (Guiness with shot of ½ Jameson, ½ Bailey’s)
0 Chilly Willy Shots (Chilled Vodka snorted from bottom of shot glass)


At 3:34 PM , Blogger Mike said...

I never understood jello shots. Very silly think to do if you ask me.

At 5:33 PM , Blogger Brian said...

Good thing you laid off the Long Island Iced Tea, you would have been out cold for a week...

At 8:40 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

you snorted vodka? well, you were up to the challenge of being handcuffed and having sex with, I guess snorting vodka was easy huh?


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