Friday, September 02, 2005

Tony Calzone's Picks of the Week

Every pizza parlor has a "connected" bookie so the employees can make a little money on the side. The Pizza Parlor is no different. Meet Tony Calzone. Each week he will pick 10 football games (this week they are all college games) against the spread. Some he will explain his rationale, some games, well he could tell you, but then he'd have to kill you. So for the first week of the College Football season, Tony likes:

Bowling Green (+2) over Wisconsin- Tony likes Bowling Green coach Gregg Brandon as a coaching candidate in the Big 10 next year. Possibly Wisconsin. If this is his audition, the job could be his.

Georgia(-7) over Boise State- Tony's never been to Georgia or Boise, but he sees the Broncos competing for three quarters, with Georgia sneaking a cover late in the 4th. He's rooting for Boise State though, as is everybody with a soul.

Wyoming(+23)over Florida- Urban Meyer's debut at the Swamp should be exciting, but Tony can't lay off 23 points for a former Mountain West foe in the TPPPPS25.

Pittsburgh(-3)over Notre Dame- Tyler Palko will be cursing as if he was a member of the Calzone family after Pittsburgh ruins Charlie Weis' debut by blowing out the Irish.

West Virginia(+1 ½ )over Syracuse- Tony is mildly excited about the Greg Robinson era but knows that winning is an attitude, the Mountaineers have speed, and Syracuse is still Syracuse.

Miami(-3)over Florida State- Tony's inside guy in Vegas thought this line was funny, get it, wide right or wide left being the difference. Chances are the Miami Cornerbacks will be thanking God for their victory as this shouldn't be that close.

Tony also is picking:

Virginia Tech (-4)over N.C. State
Texas A&M(-1) over Clemson
Memphis(-2 ½ ) over Mississippi
Hawaii (+34 ½) over USC


At 11:59 PM , Blogger Paul said...

How'd Tony do? 3-3:
Bowling Green (+2) over Wisconsin- Wisconsin 56 Bowling Green 42

Georgia(-7) over Boise State-
Georgia 48 Boise State 13

Wyoming(+23)over Florida-
Florida 32 Wyoming 14

Pittsburgh(-3)over Notre Dame-
Notre Dame 42 Pittsburgh 21

West Virginia(+1 ½ )over Syracuse- West Virginia 15 Syracuse 7

Miami(-3)over Florida State-
Florida State 10 Miami 7

Tony also is picking:

Virginia Tech (-4)over N.C. State
Virginia Tech 20 NC State 16
(PUSH - like kissing Keriann Lynch)

Texas A&M(-1) over Clemson
Clemson 25 Texas A&M 24

Memphis(-2 ½ ) over Mississippi
Mississippi 10 Memphis 6

Hawaii (+34 ½) over USC
USC 63 Hawaii 17

At 12:44 PM , Blogger Pizza Parlor Derek said...

3-6-1 Ouch!

Tony told me to tell Paul that he hopes he's not spending his honeymoon reading blogs. That would make Kate FUUUURIOUS!!


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