Thursday, July 12, 2007

Congratulations Baylor!

That game you lost in Double Overtime to Oklahoma in actually won it! What an upset!

The NCAA retroactively forfeited all of Oklahoma's 2005 wins because of improper payments made to Quarterback Rhett Bomar and Lineman J.D. Quinn at what can be best described as a "No Show" job at a car dealership.

The Sooners also forfeit their Holiday Bowl win over Oregon but do not have to return the monies awarded to the University.

In addition, Oklahoma will lose 2 scholarships in 2008-09 and 2009-10.

As a result of the forfeits, Bob Stoops coaching record goes from 86-19 to 78-19. Shouldn't it be 78-27? Either way, he is not on the "hot seat".

Oklahoma's probation with the NCAA is also extended until 2010.

Oklahoma avoided a more harsh punishment by dismissing Bomar and Quinn last summer and banning athletes from working at the same dealership until 2008-09. This is becoming a popular trend in college athletics scandals, self-imposing light punishments to avoid harsher ones.

Retroactive forfeits are punchlines for blog posts and seem kind of a silly punishment. If UMass didn't go to the Final Four in '96, or Michigan in '93 or Ohio State in '99, then who did? What lessons are learned when a win a team knows it earned on the field is taken away for an incident off of it?

For some reason, this punishment is getting more publicity than the three retroactive forfeits I mentioned. Can't explain why. Maybe because the news came out on "No Game Wednesday".

In a related story, Syracuse petitioned the NCAA to get the results of its 2005 season rescinded unsuccessfully.

Can I sell you on a Sooner Scooner?

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