Monday, May 29, 2006

Real World Road Rules Challenge: Fresh Meat

Somehow MTV managed to promote and debut a new installment of its classic series Real World Road Rules Challenge without me even taking notice. Luckily for me my Tivo is more alert than I am and I should be able to watch the first episode today (I caught the end of the first showing last night). The show does not fail to reinvent itself and has managed to keep its "freshness" this time by pairing up former Real World and Road Rules participants with completely new contestants who are on MTV for the first time. The possibilities for drama are endless when you combine reality television lifers who make me feel like I've had "career luck" with college age publicity whores who may not get what the big deal is of winning a "Gauntlet".

Veterans Coral, Tonya, and Tina return after taking last season off and Real World Austin characters Johanna, Melinda, Danny and Wes (exactly the four I would've guessed to make a life out of MTV television) join the RWRRC circuit along with Darrell, Derrick (are you kidding me? get a job already!), Katie (been on as much as Derrick but she's a poor man's Lindsey Lohan so she can stay) Shane and Theo.

Not much is known about the "Fresh Meat" but Wes' partner Casey does not seem to be well liked by anyone else in the challenge. Tonya's partner Johnnie can't stand her but that will change after she sleeps with him, I'm sure.

Okay, we got it! You've got heart! Now get a job!



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