Sunday, May 14, 2006

IMPORTANT NOTE for your Tivos/DVR's

On Monday, President Bush will be addressing the nation in primetime detailing his plans for Immigration Reform. This address is expected to go to about 8:20pm EST and will be carried by Fox. This brings up two issues:

1) '24' addicts like myself should set their Tivos/DVRs to record '24' at least 30 minutes after its original end time. The Season Finale of Prisonbreak is expected to start at 8:20 ending at 9:20 and '24' will start at 9:20pm

2) Americans should be alert and keep an open mind as to not get confused. Mexicans are not sneaking over the border carrying containers of Syntox Nerve Gas. If this were happening Jack Bauer would reduce the Chicano population in this country by 97% with his fists and whatever's in that bag of his. Also Congress Democrats should reserve judgement in thinking George Bush is working with a mole in CTU to erase incriminating audio evidence.


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