Wednesday, April 12, 2006

STFU!: Cynthia McKinney

STFU of course stands for Shut The Fuck Up. So that this blog can be work and family friendly I will simply use the acronym from now on. Every once in a while, when I reach a breaking point with a celebrity or someone in the news I will tell them to STFU on this blog.

While this was timelier last week it’s a good example of what you will see.

Georgia Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney (D) got her hair done two weeks ago. She wanted to get it on television and make a point at the same time. When she entered the Capitol building she did not wear the Congressional pin that all members of the House of Representatives are required to wear. When the Capitol Hill officer stopped her she refused to show identification. A confrontation ensued and McKinney, who is black, tried to spin the incident as a case of racial profiling claiming her change in hair and her race was the reason she was stopped at the security checkpoint. She went on every single morning news show saying the incident was “much ado about a hairdo”. After her media circuit was over she apologized to the officer using the House floor to do so.

The apology may have had as much to do with the fact that the journalists on the shows she went on and most of the country as a whole saw through her incident as a publicity stunt to get her an avenue to express her radical liberal views on well, everything and more importantly a result of a “diva complex”. It took a week but she got the message…

Cynthia McKinney STFU!

Now to be “fair and balanced”, is the PR gaffe by Rep. McKinney being dragged out by some conservative news outlets to maximize the potential political damage to House Democrats?

Some people think so.

Get this...I thought of this last night...Much ado...about a HAIRDO...get it! Ain't that witty??


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