Thursday, March 23, 2006

More on Adam Morrison

Earlier today, I outlined how Adam Morrison is integral to my success in my Office Pools. A little reassurance came in my friend Pete Thamel's column in today's New York Times. While I gave Pete a hard time that he was writing a column similar to his column last year on Andrew Bogut. This article centers around Morrison's father, John, a former high school and small college basketball coach and makes no mention of whether or not Morrison's girlfriend has dated Reggie Bush.

The article credits John with the intensity that Adam often displays on the court and makes him Scott's favorite college basketball and annoys Paul almost as much as Pete did in Booth Hall.

Pete Thamel Column

I've never Google Image Search a member of the male gender so much in my life


At 8:22 AM , Blogger Paul said...

Cow chips are just hardened manure. How do you play basketball on that? And who competes in eye gouging?


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