Monday, March 13, 2006

Littlepage Fires Back at Packer, CBS

Two stories down in my Early Bracket Thoughts, I took CBS, Billy Packer and Jim Nantz for their treatment of NCAA Basketball Committee Chairman Craig Littlepage during Sunday's Selection Show. Well Littlepage is firing back claiming there needs to be a better understanding between NCAA Basketball and CBS. If I were Littlepage or the NCAA's P.R. people I would probably have had him stop at just firing back at the nature of the CBS interview. He goes on about the stress put on the committee as if he is President Charles Logan and exacerbates the controversies his committee created. He had many observers (be careful Sopranos Spoilers in there)on his side and could have won hearts and minds with his arguments if he just left the actual issues alone. Anyway read for yourself. story


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