Saturday, March 18, 2006

Pizza Parlor Madness: Brackets Busted!

Well, it does not look like I'll be in the 99th percentile nationally or come close to winning my Office Pool this year. 22-10 in the First Round just doesn't cut it.

I definitely consider myself a victim of Jay Bilas Syndrome. I picked an upset of every kind (except 16over1) and while some were close (Winthrop over Tennessee) others were just stupid (Southern Illinois over West Virginia after having seen both teams play).

My long term prospects are okay (12 out of 16 Sweet 16 picks alive) but the 2005-2006 Michigan State Spartans (my pick to go to the Elite 8) will always baffle me. Good shooter (Ager), Good post-player (Davis), Good coach (Izzo), and two starting seniors with tournament experience. Sounded like a team that still had what it took to go deep in the tournament even while sputtering towards the end of the season. George Mason another "Last Team In" named after the "Father of the Bill of Rights" and home to a bar I went to after the SU-Georgetown game three years ago with Josh and the Kliq, beat them without their best player, suspended for punching a Hofstra player in the junk. Anyway here are my stats:

1vs16: 4-0

2vs15: 3-1

3vs14: 4-0

4vs13: 2-2

5vs12: 1-3

6vs11: 2-2

7vs10: 2-2

8vs9: 3-1

Atlanta: 3-5
Oakland: 7-1
Washington D.C.: 6-2
Minneapolis: 6-2

Overall 22-10

Best Upset Pick: #14 Northwestern State over #3 Iowa
Biggest Upset Missed: #13 Bradley over #4 Kansas (after I foreshadowed it on my Pizza Parlor Madness profile of Kansas)
Deepest Team Eliminated: Michigan State (Regional Finals)

This is how I felt Friday night too


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