Saturday, March 25, 2006

Bracket Busted but hop along the Bruins Bandwagon!

Alliteration aside, my brackets took a hit on Thursday with the left half of my Final Four going down. J.J Manning, I mean Redick couldn't get his team past the Sweet 16 again and Gonzaga and Adam Morrison had the collapse to end all collapses. The silver lining is that Gonzaga only loss by 2 as they were 3.5 point underdogs meaning I move on in my Golf Ball-Spread Pool stealing UCLA as my team! While its easy to root for Gonzaga, I will enjoy cheering for UCLA as well. For one, the names on the team are fun to say and they have the best looking cheerleading/dance team in the country. They opened as a 3 point underdog to Memphis, a rematch of a game they lost by 8.

Atlanta: 6-8 (1-1)
Oakland: 10-4 (0-2, I mistakenly but correctly picked Memphis in Paul's Tournament Challenge Group)
Washington D.C.: 9-5 (1-1)
Minneapolis: 8-6 (1-1)

Overall: 33-23 (3-5)

Would it make you feel any better to hear you covered the spread?


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