Tuesday, January 29, 2008

My Primary Focus

I'm a political junkie and being from New Hampshire I'm especially interested in Primary coverage each Tuesday and Saturday since early January. What makes the coverage even more interesting is the eye candy the news networks are parading to interest male viewers.

I can't stand Fox News' panel especially when they discuss John McCain's need to win over Republicans when his biggest strength is his winnability in the general election. However they do have a pretty "exit poll girl" Syracuse grad Megyn Kelly. Kind of the "Erin Andrews of Politics" even though she wiffed on a 82mph fastball when Brit Hume asked her why she was calling the Democrat facing Hillary Clinton in Michigan "MR. Uncommitted" (she said because Hillary was the only woman in the race), still not bad to look at.

MSNBC is holding back "The Norah" until the general election as she is their Congress Assignment reporter. They bring out Erin Burnett every once in a while but if you read that post, her wishes require she be much better looking.

I miss you

One woman that has caught my attention is CNN strategist Amy Holmes. She has cuteness up to 11. I'm captivated with every word she says especially since she can talk objectively about political strategy, which you'll find if you watch the other two networks is a skill. I could listen to her talk politics forever.

It doesn't hurt that she's often seen on same screen as Donna Brazile.



At 4:54 AM , Blogger Paul said...

I love Amy Holmes but she is a race-baiting FemiNazi.
She is very cute but she gets offended about EVERYTHING. And because she's a black woman everything negative said about Obama or Clinton is a personal slight to her.
Her appearances during the Imus affair were hysterical because she expressed such distaste for the word "ho" that she said she couldn't even speak the "vile" word, then she made a face like the one I make when I see dogs in costume, or the one you make when you're within 15 feet of a foam finger.

At 11:34 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

You're wrong on that. She is a McCain / Palin supporter. Obviously you don't really WATCH what you are posting comments about. She's a conservative moron.

At 10:47 AM , Blogger Lancer said...

I agree with anonymous. She is just as big an Obama basher as Ann Coulter. She is just not as nasty.


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