Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Hugging it Out: "Three's Company"

(SPOILER SPACE: If you don't want last week's "Entourage" spoiled for you do NOT scroll past the picture of Sloane's super hot girlfriend Tori)

I don't think this is the chick from the OC but she's as hot and I love her

In by far the most eventful episode of the season, Vince's stubbornness and principles have cost him not only a role in "Medellin", which was given to Benicio Del Toro but now he is out of "Aquaman 2" after refusing to sit down at breakfast with the head of Warner Brothers, who was the bad guy in "The Wire" Season 2.

I enjoyed this episode for five reasons:

1) Finally Vince has made a poor career move and will have to suffer the consequences and find a way to salvage his career when it appears to be at an all-time high weeks after the debut of Aquaman. The show is going in a direction it hasn't gone before.

2-5) Two hot girls made out.

I can't stand anything they do with Drama. He's a washed up actor who can't find work, I think we get that by now. And I find the principled actor Vince Chase a little hard to believe but other than that I'm glad this show is FINALLY going in a direction even if it seems to be the start of Vince's downward career spiral.

Next Week: Damage control begins and Eric discovers feelings for Tori. Which means more screen time for Tori. Which is enough for me to keep watching.

THE WIRE RETURNS IN SEPTEMBER!! I'll be doing write-ups of that show to annoyance until you all start watching. Catch the third season from 8-9 on Sundays and the first season if you have HBO On-Demand.


At 3:58 PM , Blogger SCZA said...

That would be Medellin, as in the cocaine cartel run by Pablo Escobar


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