Thursday, December 08, 2005

Paul gets a Question from My Own Private Idaho

“Mr. Amin, Please excuse me if I time out while writing this. We only have dial-up connections where I'm from...You often say the regular season is a tournament with one loss eliminating teams from a shot at the championship like the basketball tournament in March. However last year my team went through the season undefeated and still did not warrant a chance at the national championship? What would you say to teams who do not get to schedule 9 games against schools with 40,000 students and play in the Mountain time zone with little tv coverage unless we play on a Tuesday afternoon, but go through their season without a loss. Is the national championship closed to us forever? And if so why are we a division 1-A program?”

D. Hawkins- Boise, ID

Hawkins cheers louldy as Zabranksy throws a pass to a member of HIS team during the Georgia game


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