Tuesday, November 22, 2005

"We're evacuees and we need a home...in ZAX"

Two ex-cons escaped from a Louisiana prison during the wake of Hurricane Katrina and posed as Tulane students and evacuees on a journey to the University of Tennessee in Knoxville. Steven Ridge (31, forgery and theft) and Zachary Arabie (22, armed robbery) settled onto the steps of Lambda Chi Alpha claiming to be brothers from Tulane University. The journey took them to flirting with and hooking up with coeds whom they met at the fraternity house. While the Lambda Chi Alpha International Fraternity is known for treating its brothers like ex-cons, these were actual ex-cons being treated like brothers. Police believe the inmates were planning an abduction. When told about the incident, members of the Grand High Zeta of the Lambda Chi Alpha International Fraternity were relieved to find out there were no kegs of beer in the house at the time.

Yahoo! News article


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These two are a real disgrace...


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