Monday, November 21, 2005

Real World/Road Rules Challenge Gauntlet 2 Cast Revealed

Mike the Miz and Coral have apparently moved on? No Veronica either.


Montana (RW Boston) Had a one word conversation with her ex-boyfriend Vaj: "Whore!"

Robin (RW San Diego) And her two friends!

Anessa (RW Chicago) Apparently taking an LOA from her restaurant job in Philly.

Beth (RW Los Angeles) Didn't she walk out last year? Why ask her back?

Derrick (RR Extreme)

Katie (RR The Quest) If you don't love Katie, you don't have a soul, or a penis.

Timmy (RR 2)

Adam (RR The Quest)

Mark (RR 1)

Julie (RW New Orleans) Still hasn't found a job yet

Ace (RW Paris)

David (RW Seattle) Puked on his shoes at 44's in Syracuse, your token Masshole.

Cyris (RW Boston)

Brad (RW San Diego) Let's hope he's doing these for a good ten years to come

Jisela (RR The Quest)

Ruthie (RW Hawaii) So many drunks on one show! Oh the potential!


Kina (RR Extreme)

Cameran (RW San Diego) Yay!

Jo (RW San Francisco)

Ibis (RR Extreme)

Jodi (RR Extreme) Sucks!

Jillian (RR Extreme)

Adam (RW Paris) The Commodores' kid

Alton (RW Las Vegas)

Jeremy (RR South Pacific)

Danny (RR Extreme)

Landon (RW Philadelphia) Huggable

Jamie (RW New Orleans)

Randy (RW San Diego) Bad Ran! His Gauntlet vs. Brad should be on Pay-Per View

M.J. (RW Philadelphia) I would've never guessed he'd be doing this (sarcasm)

Cara (RR South Pacific)

Susie (RR Australia)


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