Friday, November 18, 2005

The Future of The Pizza Parlor

After some careful thinking, I have decided to tweak the format of The Pizza Parlor. I have designed TPP to be a column-heavy blog to reveal background on myself and showcase my writing talents. Recently, however this format has been creatively stifling and some columns haven’t ignited the feedback that makes it fun to keep checking back whenever new material isn’t there. Quick Hit Blogs such as my friend Scott’s .Shredded Eagle, which provides fun info on pretty much everything Scott is interested in (Mets, Wrestling, and Poker) as well as his friends from High School, seem much more fun to do. The newest member of my blog family, Paul Amin’s News You Can’t Use, is your best source for New York Post-like news. I recommend that blog for all interesting celebrity news. My blog works because I have strong opinions and I speak them very well in print. I will continue to do so and I will write lengthy columns when times demand it. However, I got myself into a trap of promising big lengthy columns, then quarrelling with myself with exactly how to write them. What should I go with as my lead? Should I write this from an inside perspective or a laymen’s perspective? How do I make sure I don’t switch tenses? Will this propel myself into a career in journalism (so far no)?

So starting today, The Pizza Parlor will be more of a blog so to speak and less of a storybook. I think you will enjoy what I provide and like knowing that I will be providing it more often. Thank you all for your continuing support of The Pizza Parlor


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