Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Paul and I's BCS Debate Raises Questions

Paul has written the beginning of his case for the BCS on his News U Can’t Use blog. He of course applauded the system for giving us No. 1 USC vs. No. 2 Texas this year and claimed that the BCS has a perfect record of making sure the best team in the country is awarded the National Championship. This debate raises several questions:

This one is from a J. Paterno from State College, Pennsylvania:

"While USC and Texas have the two best records in the country, how are we so sure that they are the two best teams in the country? Of course a game between them is the matchup we want, it’s the matchup that has been hyped all season long. And while USC and Texas have each beaten a Top 10 opponent (Notre Dame and Ohio State respectively, both games VERY close), their conferences were the 5th and 4th most competitive this season out of six major conferences. Would USC and Texas be undefeated if they were to play in the Big Ten or the SEC? The point is not to diminish the accomplishment of USC and Texas’ undefeated seasons, but to make my primary point. In a field of 117 teams from 10 conferences, why is a “leap of faith” taken to only determine the top 2 and declare them eligible for the National Championship? Why wouldn’t an extended system test the validity of these teams’ seasons?"

Hey whose that pretending to be our kicker?



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