Saturday, May 30, 2009

Tapping out to UFC's Choke

So after watching UFC 98 with Josh during my trip to Virginia, I am stepping on the the MMA bandwagon. For those surprised that it took so long, there still are too many names to keep track of, it will take me a while to get to figure out who everyone is. But I like their promotional formula of having one match at the top of the card for a title or title shot (for boxing fans) and a "heat fight" between two people who claim to or really do hate each other (for wrestling fans). Although the "heat fight" last time was a disappointment to the 95% of the country that wanted to see Matt Hughes choke out Matt Serra, UFC 99 looks promising. Watch the promotional trailer. While the promotion for the first fight gets lost in all the weight class babble, the "heat fight" in the undercard looks very interesting. Marcus Davis is an Irish-American like yours truly who fights a lot in England. Dan Hardy is a real british favorite word gets dropped right before the 8th minute mark.

On second thought maybe "Dick and Douchebag" fight might be a better name. I'm hooked