Sunday, April 06, 2008

My Women's Bracket: Second Round

UConn over Texas, North Carolina over Georgia, Tennessee over Purdue, Maryland over Nebraska- Again, I wasn't about to eliminate any of the top seeds before the sweet 16, they had all been there too many times. That's the major difference between men's and women's basketball and why its easier to do well in the Women's bracket with little experience. The top five or six programs have been the top programs for so long, they have all the experience going deep. In men's basketball the top 15 programs are on a four year rotation at the top and you can get married to programs whose teams are either a year past or a year away from really making their move.

Rutgers over Robert Morris, LSU over DePaul, Syracuse over Texas ATM, Stanford over Western Kentucky- This is Quentin Hillsman, Syracuse's Women's Basketball coach.

One Google could've saved me some points in Women's Tournament Challenge.

Cal over George Washington, Ohio State over Oklahoma State, Duke over Arizona State, Baylor over Wyoming- With the significant lesbian population in the Northern California area, I figured Cal women's basketball games were pretty popular and the program had an easy time recruiting. Later found out they had to resort to gimmicks like "donate your armpit hair, get in free" and a halftime cermony where the one Republican on campus was publicly stoned by a couple lucky fans.

Old Dominion over Virginia, Louisville over Kansas State, Oklahoma over Notre Dame, Vanderbilt over New Mexico- Actually watched some of the Odie-UVa game. Didn't know if these teams played in the regular season but would make sense as they're both in Virginia. Anywho Oklahoma's women's team was ALWAYS on FSN here on Saturdays around 1, for some reason. I figured that reason was they were good enough to make the Sweet 16.


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