Thursday, September 06, 2007

The Pride and The Pageantry

Maybe you've noticed its the first week of September and I haven't posted anything about my favorite sport, college football.

That might be because I moved it all to my newest blog project The Pride and The Pageantry

I started the blog in August but wanted to get it going before announcing it publicly. In that time I debuted the blog with my Projected Postseason Top 25 my unique format season preview.

Throughout the college football season you can expect:

Previews and spread predictions of every ESPN Thursday game.

A summary of the games I'll be watching every Saturday.

Quick Recaps of almost every game the next day

Here and there I'll do other features as they occur to me as I did
when Clemson beat Florida State last Monday

Of course there is and may never be a bigger story in college football this year than Appalachian State beating Michigan last Saturday. Here is the game's final play.



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