Thursday, June 07, 2007

Pizza Parlor Review: Knocked Up

(SPOILER ALERT: I'm not a good enough movie critic to write a review without spoilers so if you don't want any of 'Knocked Up' spoiled for you Do NOT scroll past the picture of the movie poster)

5 out of 8 Slices

Such is becoming tradition in Hollywood that whenever two supporting characters supposedly "steal a show" in a hit comedy, it makes sense to spin off that success with the actors who played said characters in their own movie either playing the same characters or different.

Seth Rogen and Paul Rudd (known as the "You're so gay..." guys from 40-Year Old Virgin) star along with Katherine Heigl and her breasts in the positively reviewed comedy "Knocked Up".

Rogen plays Benjamin Stone, a 23 year old webpage developer with no steady income who has a one-night stand with Allison Scott, and E! News Daily reporter played by Heigl (and her breasts). Their morning after awkwardness (symbolized by a goodbye hug/attempted peck kiss, which I found funny) is magnified eight weeks later when Scott is found to be pregnant. While Stone and Scott immediately decide to keep the baby and try to make a relationship work. Stone is torn between Scott and his old life and friends (played by a collection of "that guys" none bringing too much to the table).

Their couple struggles parallel Scott's sister Debbie played by Leslie Mann (not Bibb) and her husband Pete, played by Rudd. Debbie's discovery that Pete was "cheating" on her by playing Fantasy Baseball at the same time Allison decides her and Ben can't make it work, lead to Rogen and Rudd's characters going to Vegas, parodizing "Swingers", taking psychadelic mushrooms in one of the funnier parts of the movie.

Major cameos in the film are Ryan Seacrest (who I was supposed to be surprised hear dropping F-bombs) and Steve Carrell (I was waiting for this the whole time).

The movie definitely has its laugh out loud moments and enough of them to make it worth seeing in theaters and spending 8 bucks. IT IS NOT FUNNIER THAN 40-YEAR OLD VIRGIN. Whoever said that was on crack. If there's one more thing I can put in caps. DO NOT SEE THIS MOVIE ON A FIRST OR SECOND DATE. It is the advertisement for the Fast Forward Relationship.

The biggest disappointment is Ben's four buddies. They really bring nothing to the table except Pot Humor which I didn't even find funny when I was 19, nonetheless 29. I don't expect any of them to get their own movie anytime soon.

I give "Knocked Up" 5 out of 8 Pizza Slices.



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