Monday, March 26, 2007

The Answer

I had sex in 1995, then a bunch of times afterwards when I was in college. If I ever have it again, I'll let you know but it wasn't this weekend.

I rooted for Georgetown last week when they played Boston College. I had them in my pool and I HATE Boston College, worse than Georgetown.

I changed a flat tire early in the month in pitch dark and -7 degree weather which felt like -20. Sometimes you have no choice but to suffer.

But this weekend, I bought my very first Country music CD.

Carrie Underwood's "Some Hearts".

I've been in love with Carrie Underwood for a long time, ever since she was in her "can't turn any gig down" phase singing national anthems and doing halftimes for every sporting event ever held.

She is the only American Idol contestant my mother has called to vote for.

The music is a guilty pleasure and something I fully expect to take a heap of shit for. But I found almost all the songs on the CD to be a combination of fun, relaxing, and well written.

Among the highlights:

"Wasted"- One of three songs to reference Whiskey, which leads me to believe that Ms. Underwood is a fun girl to drink with.

"Before He Cheats"- The song that has gotten her the most mainstream radio airplay. I'm waiting for the follow-up "After She's Arrested".

"Jesus, Take the Wheel"- A running punchline between Paul and I as Jesus was my driver's ed instructor but not Paul's. As preachy as the title suggests. It's about a single mother who on a drive to Cincinnati catches a patch of black ice, survives miraculously than decides she needs to put out less (I swear to god, listen to it once).

The best song may be the one Underwood wrote her self titled "I Ain't it Checotah (her hometown in Oklahoma) Anymore". I'm sure every country artist has done a song like this but this has to better than most. Here's a sample lyric.

My hotel in Manhattan
Holds more people than our town
And what I just paid for dinner
Would be a down payment on a house
I'd rather be tippin' cows in Tulsa
Than hailin' cabs here in New York
But I ain't in Checotah anymore

If you're "country-curious" this is a good ice-breaker. Its about half pop-half country. And highly recommended by The Pizza Parlor.



At 11:16 PM , Blogger Paul said...

This is why TON and I have a soft spot for country music. The lyrics make sense and tell a nice story. The same reason I used to like rap music. But rap isn't about that anymore. I haven't listened to much country recently but I have heard Checotah and I did really like it because it's an interesting look at her life.


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