Thursday, March 15, 2007

Derek's Day Off: Evening

After a lackluster 8 afternoon games, hoping for better in the night session. Since Duke is Duke, their game against VCU is being carried nationally to any market without an interest in any of the other games.

DK vs. VC- New Edition's Bobby Brown is coaching VCU, I avoided this tempting upset, now I'm regretting it. 5-5

DK vs. VC- Duke is handling VCU's press when VCU is even able to set up a press by scoring. Early on I'm feeling smart 16-7 DK

DK vs. VC- Game is following a pattern VC is coming back but never getting closer than 3. Impressive whiteboy dunk by Martyus Pocius (pronounced pro-SHEE-us, not POKE-US, unfortunately)

DK vs. VC- This is our best chance yet for a classic game. After VC pulls even Greg Paulus (who I would hate no matter where he was from) draws a 3-point shooting foul despite moving his pivot foot just before. Hits two out of 3, 40-38 DK 2.4 seconds left

Duke 40, Virginia Commonwealth 38- Halftime

MQ vs. MS- Golf ball pick Marquette is in trouble. Having trouble scoring against Tom Izzo's defense. 28-18 MS

OS vs. CC- Ohio State vs. Central Connecticut. One thing both schools have in common is that Daren has competed on both campuses. At Central Connecticut in the New England Regionals when he was 12.

DK vs. VC- Who knew Virginia Commonwealth would have the best looking set of cheerleaders/dance team so far in the field??

DK vs. VC- Duke goes on 9-0 run to go up 59-50 could this be the first entire day of NCAA Tournament without any good games??

UCLA 60, Weber St. 33; Michigan State 47, Marquette 29; Duke 66, VCU 58 That is why the blog updates aren't coming so fast. Theyre's simply nothing interesting going on.

DK vs. VC- Now we're talking! VCU's press has caused turnovers and pulled them even with 3:30 to go 70-70

DK vs. VC- Paulus rebound off a missed 2nd free throw. Turns the ball over. VCU hits to pull ahead 1. Timeout Duke 1:53 left 72-71 VCU

DK vs. VC- McRoberts shorts a three then tries to pretend he got fouled (worked at the end of the 1st half) Jumpball Poss Arrow: Duke 72-71 VCU

DK vs. VC- Wil Fameni fouls out McRoberts makes 1 of 2. 72-72 VCU answers 74-72 Duke's foul shooting is atrocious!

DK vs. VC- Paulus hits a layup to tie. ONE MINUTE LEFT! Finally a game!!!

DK vs. VC- Maynor puts VCU ahead 2. McRoberts draws a foul screams like a girl to get the call. This is why people hate Duke Josh. That and Christian Laettner

DK vs. VC- McRoberts misses the first makes the second. Duke needs to foul now as there is only 16 seconds left 76-75 VCU.

DK vs. VC- VCU makes one of 2, Duke answers with a layup. Tied!!! MAYNOR WITH A JUMPER 1.8 seconds left!! 79-77 VCU!!!

Christian Laettner is disgusted. Who takes Duke's last shot here? Not Josh McRoberts that's my call.

DK vs. VC- Paulus misses the three VCU WINS!!

Virgina Commonwealth 79, Duke 77-Final needless to say, the game of the day!

BY vs. XU- We're sent to Lexington for BYU-Xavier a home game for the 9 seed Xavier. Noticable crowd.


IU vs. GU- Indiana vs. Gonzaga. This isn't looking good for a repeat run in the golf ball pool. Marquette is out already losing by 12. Indiana is giving up 1.5 to Gonzaga. Every bracket I did picked Gonzaga and I've questioned Indiana's validity as a tournament team now I have to root for them.

IU vs. GU- A feeling out process. Announcers are still talking about Duke's early exit. First First Round loss since 1996 (Eastern Michigan). Len Elmore said that was a "Long, long time" 1996 was my freshman year. I know its been a long time but I never enjoy references like that. 20-12 Indiana

IU vs. GU- This game has actually been pretty fun. Back and forth, almost like a game of horse. Good shooting. This could make up for at least half the blowouts we've had to endure today 30-27 Indiana

Indiana 34, Gonzaga 29- Halftime

NC vs. EK- North Carolina is up 25 on Eastern Kentucky. Its going to be a long time until a 16 ever beats a 1, if it ever happens.

PT vs. WS- CBS catches Wright State on a 10-0 run to cut Pittsburgh's lead to 3. Check that no more lead. 22-22

IU vs. GU- Indiana's opened up an 8 point lead. And I found out Len Elmore is a Harvard educated lawyer. Who knew? Xavier is on a ridiculous run to pull ahead of BYU. Looks like maybe both these games could be good. Pitt got back to a 13 point lead at halftime of their game 45-35 Indiana.

NC vs. EK- Just noticed, Eastern Kentucky has pulled within 4 of North Carolina. Its only the first TV timeout of the 2nd Half but they must be stunned in Winston Salem right now.

NC vs. EK- Almost on cue, after the Live Look-In, EKU craps their shorts and UNC goes on a 7-0 run. Tar Heel fans are going apeshit. More apeshit than you should be allowed to when you're only up 11 on Eastern Kentucky. Can we move to BYU-Xavier please??

BY vs. XU- Thank you! 71-71

BY vs. XU- Have to like BYU down the stretch although age could be a factor. Average age of BYU's players 28 1/2 73-73

BY vs. XU- Beautiful putback by BYU Xavier answers with a Josh Duncan 2 Xavier's cheerleaders are not hot! 75-73 Xavier

BY vs. XU- BYU gets three good shots none go in Xavier rebound. Xavier fouls...
Drew Lavender makes both free throws 79-75 Xavier 12.3 seconds left

BY vs. XU- BYU doesn't get a shot off until the buzzer. Game over.

Xavier 79, Brigham Young 77-Final

I'm exhausted, luckily it looks like I might be able to end this with the Indiana-Gonzaga game (UNC is back up 15 on EKU)

IU vs. GU- This game has gotten away from Gonzaga. Indiana up 11. The Golf Ball Survives! Big Ten is 3-0 today. 68-55 Indiana.

Indiana 70, Gonzaga 57-Final

North Carolina is up 21 on Eastern Kentucky the day will end like it began with a blowout.

Hope this helped to make the day a little exciting. Xavier and VCU with the two good games of the day. Hope for better tomorrow!



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