Saturday, April 22, 2006

Don't Draft Shaun Alexander!

Despite his 28 Touchdowns last season, Fantasy Football owners may want to stay away from drafting Shaun Alexander. The reigning league MVP is EA's choice to dawn the cover of theMadden 07 Video Game. The game has been the subject of the momentum gaining Madden Curse which is that the player on the cover has either suffered a significant injury or a season nowhere like the one that earned him the cover. While Alexander is the 2005 MVP EA tries to put a player on the cover that coincides with the newest feature of the game. Which may mean that new wrinkles are being thrown in to running the football. The last five players to be on the cover have suffered injury the following year:

2006- Donovan McNabb
2005- Ray Lewis
2004- Michael Vick
2003- Marshall Faulk
2002- Daunte Culpepper


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