Sunday, January 08, 2006

Fear the Horsehead!

As most of my friends know, despite being a life long New Englander and Patriotic guy. I do not like the New England Patriots. It is not my fault they sucked, played with zero heart, and didn't sell out their home games so I didn't get to see them on TV when I was young and looking for something to watch on Sundays. They gave me the opportunity to discover my first sports love, the Denver Broncos. I have suffered through three Super Bowl losses with John Elway, celebrated Elway's two Super Bowl championships in his two final seasons, and endured the New England "Dynasty". Now my life has come full circle as my Broncos have a chance to end said dynasty Saturday night against the Patriots at Invesco Field at Mile High. I took some funny and unflattering pictures to get ready for this week. So check out all week, The Horsehead!

Enter The Horsehead!

Gotta love the cape!


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