Saturday, March 11, 2006

Pizza Parlor Madness: Albany

Nickname: Great Danes
Colors: Gold and Purple
Location: Albany, NY
Enrollment: 11,819
Conference: America East
Distinguished Alumni: Former Republican Congresswoman from New York Susan Molinari, Steve Guttenberg

Head Coach: Will Brown
Record (Conference Record): 21-10 (13-3)
Advanced by: Beat Vermont 80-67 to win America East Tournament
RPI: 126
SOS: 244
Best Performance: Lost to UCLA 73-65 (Road)
Best Player: G Jamar Wilson
No. of Seniors: 4
NCAA Tournament Appearances (in four years): 1 (1)
Likely Seed: 16

Almost as happy as Scott Isaacs and the Great Danes’ players and fans is the administration of SUNY Albany hopeful that the school would become famous for something other than drinking. Its too bad they closed The Big House as I’m sure it would be an even easier place to find loose college girls from the Capital District tonight. It will also be an easy place to console a distraught Albany Co-Ed after UConn or Villanova trounces them in the first round.

Lucious Jordan


At 8:06 PM , Blogger SCZA said...

You have to understand the significance of this. For years, UAlbany was an afterthought on the local sports scene, while Showbiz Marc Brown and the Siena Saints were consistently winning the MAAC, leading to the infamous #15 Siena over #2 Stanford upset somewhere around 1990. After Louie Orr ditched Siena for Seton Hall after one good season, the tide slowly started to turn, and all of a sudden, Siena sucked ass, and UAlbany was pretty good. By the way Derek, my mother is very upset you did not include her in the alumni section.


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