Saturday, March 11, 2006

Pizza Parlor Madness: Monmouth

Nickname: Hawks
Colors: Blue
Location: West Long Branch, NJ
Enrollment: 4,000
Conference: Northeast
Distinguished Alumni: Stephanie LaGrossa and Katie Gallagher, contestants on Survivor: Palau

Head Coach: Dave Calloway
Record (Conference Record): 18-14 (12-6)
Advanced by: Beat Farleigh Dickinson to win Northeast Conference Tournament
RPI: 145
SOS: 188
Best Performance: Beat Southern Illinois 80-68 (Home)
Best Player: F Marques Alston
No. of Seniors: 4
NCAA Tournament Appearances (in four years): 4 (2)
Likely Seed: 16

An impressive defensive team held Princeton to 21 points FOR A WHOLE GAME. The Northeast Champion however is almost always a 16 seed. And that 145 RPI could send them to the play-in game. Thanks for playing. And while I have your attention can we do better than Hawks?? I almost had nothing to write about this team. North Jersey team with the Sopranos such a part of the culture up there could they change their name to the Swimming Fishes, would be appropriate after playing Duke, UConn, or Villanova.

The Hawk Shall Die


At 5:21 PM , Blogger SCZA said...


Where's the posting for the world-beating UAlbany Great Danes, famous alumni: Nora Isaacs, Todd Cetnar (basketbal player who dated that really hot SU cheerleader from Amsterdam... what was her name?), Beaker (DNG), and ah, um, that's about it.


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