Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Syracuse Stuff

Greg Robinson landed on his feet sort of. At least he's in a position he has succeeded in before and can again. I will say when it comes to Head Coaches, Syracuse hires good coordinators.

Looking forward, SU's new Head football Coach's favorite watering hole is The Varsity?. Forget that The Varsity is the biggest copout brand name answer to any question about Syracuse hangouts, but I'm pretty sure to be considered a watering hole you have to serve alcohol and be open past 8pm. This whole interview ended my brief period of optimism for SU football. Although I guess it would be as discomforting to know that he fondly remembered killing brain cells at 44's or risking an STD at Darwin's.

The Men's Basketball team got killed at Pitt on Monday. Can someone tell me the last time SU Hoop beat an opponent in conference on the road on a Monday? I imagine its been a while.

Syracuse Women's Basketball got some national attention, only because one of the players tripped UConn coach Geno Auriemma during the post-game handshake. The Big East levied no punishment because well, Auriemma's a douche.



At 1:06 AM , Blogger Paul said...

It's the Peter Principle. People are good at a job so they get promoted. They keep getting promoted until they reach a job they are not able to perform.
Unfortunately, SU is the one who keeps promoting these douches.

And speaking of douches, Fuck Pete Thamel.

The CAPTCHA for this post is "light." The first time I ever remember seeing one that was a real word.


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