Saturday, March 03, 2007

Some Pub for 'The Jerome'

This little Conference Tournament pool I'm in is getting some publicity on the blogosphere thanks to some self-serving mentions by other participants.

Yahoo! Sports' Dan Wetzel took the challenge and came out of the mid-major closet, first disclosing the madness of The Jerome...

Thamel put it in his blog

Mike Waters has mentioned it in the Post-Standard's SU Basketball Blog

By the way, still too early to tell but I am 1-1 with a runner-up as unanimous pick Winthrop came through and East Tennessee lost in the Atlantic Sun final to Belmont. I will be losing ground in the Ohio Valley as last year's champs Murray State was bounced in the Quarterfinals.

I as well as many "bubble" teams are nervously watching the SoCon Final. My pick, Davidson is hanging on to a three point lead with 13 minutes to play...

The second wave is due on Monday and I will post my picks then.

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